Kevda Na Dankh Gujarati DramaKevda Na Dankh

Mukesh Rawal,
Rupa Divetia,
Anuradha Kanabar,
Swati Kotak,
Charul Bhavsar,
Vimal Upadhyay.

Director : Milan Ajmera

Writer : Hiren Mehta

Summary: Barrister is killed in a car accident leaving behind his daughter Rupa, who has lost both her legs in the accident, and second wife Vimla. When Dr Jagtap, the family doctor, who is treating Rupa, goes to Delhi, he asks Dr Ravi and nurse Shobha to look after Rupa. Shobha, a lover of mystery books, doubts whether it was just another accident or a well-planned murder. She starts investigating on her own and stumbles upon clues, which clearly point towards a conspiracy to kill the Barrister. The needle of suspicion points towards the family including Rupa and Vimla. Shobha even doubts the domestic help Champa for having abetted the crime. Is Barrister's death really a murder? If so, who is the mastermind? Watch Kevda Na Dankh to unravel the mystery.

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  1. this one is so boring with no creative things in it.