Parke Paise Lila Laher
Vipul Vithalani,
Dinyar Contractor,
Amit Bhatt,
Nitin Trivedi,
Tanmay Vekaria,
Vimal Patel,
Vinod Kale,
Gaytri Rawal,
Manisha Mehta,
Shraddha Patel
Director: Vipul Vithalani
Producer: Kaustubh Trivedi, Kiran Sampat


Wanting to become a hero in films, not finding a suitable role, Siddarth took up astrology. He did not even have an iota of knowledge about this unforeseeable subject. So what?!! With his smooth talk and suave style he would get away with it. All was well till his forecasts started to work out and an underworld don walked into his life to become his full time disciple. Now Siddarth found it difficult to foretell his own future forget about others.

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