Ek Murakhne Evi Tev Buy DVDEk Murakhne Evi Tev

Mukesh Rawal
Santu Rajda
Chirag Acharya
Vimal Upadhyay
Bharat Shroff
Jeetu Mehta
Anuradha Kaabhar

Directed By : Mukesh Raval


Iccha Shankar; brings to his house a fake god man masquerading as a ' mahatma'. Soon the family falls into believing this ' mahatma ' and becomes the victim of his mischievous deeds. The 'mahatma' holds sway over the whole family. Except Iccha Shankar's smart son and son in low, who ultimately save the family from certain ruin.Eminent Gujarati humorist, Tarak Mmehta, delivers a rather witty and funny look at our blind faith and belief in superstitions.

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