Gurubrahma Gujarati Natak Buy DVDGurubrahma

Siddarth Randeria,
Padmesh Pandit,
Tejal Vyas,
Harshal Gaglani,
Jimit Trivedi,
Chitra Vyas,
Vidhyulata Bhatt

Director: Siddarth Randeria

Genre: Drama, Family

Release Year: 2005


The only certainty in life is uncertainty. Shrikant’s family was going through one such phase of uncertainty, when life seemed to be doomed, without any hope in sight. And at such a time Guru Brahmanand Shastri, walked into the Shrikant household. In a short time, without preaching, with humour and great wisdom, the Guru taught the Shrikant family the secrets of living life as it comes and yet be certain of what they were doing.

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