Tamara Bhai Fulltoo Fatak Gujarati Natak Buy DVDTamara Bhai Fulltoo Fatak

Dharmesh Vyas
Arvind Vekaria
Tushar Kapadia
Nilesh Joshi
Surbhi Vyas

Director: Arvind Vekaria

Producer: Neeraj Sanghai


The story of a usual family. Rajiv, Meghna and their two children Dhruv and Ritika. Few years later due to small reasons reached staged where they couldn’t stand each other and wanted to Divorce. To avoid this situation a Neighboring Old man & their two Kids come up with a Plan, thus begins the ride of joy & laughter. One day Meghna hands over both the Kids responsibility to Rajiv and goes away. To see what happen next watch this exciting Family drama.

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