Gulab Gadbad Na Karto Gujarati Play Buy DVDGulab Gadbad Na Karto


Rajiv Mehta,
Abhay Harpale,
Sanjay Hiralehar,
Jigesh Vyas,
Manisha Vora,
Dimple Shah

Director: Umesh Shukla

Producer: Hanif Mohamad, Nachiketa Brahmabhatt

Genre: Comedy


Fed up with his bulling and dominant wife, Gulab is drowing his sorrows in drink, when Kamal another henpecked husband joins him. Kamal convinces Gulab that the only life worth living is ‘without a wife’. The henpecked duo, hatch plan to kill their wives and disposed the bodies in a river. Everything is fine, but the location planned killing is a train full of other passengers. A location ,that only makes the planned murders difficult, but also almost impossible. But our henpecked duo, are not ones to give up. Try as they might, things go funnily, horribly wrong. A lough riot.

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