Shubh Din Aayo Re Gujarati Natak Buy DVDShubh Din Aayo Re

Deepak Dave,
Shahrukh Sadri,
Keyur Dharia,
Santu Rajda,

Director: Umesh Parekh

Producer: Varsha Joshi, Mahendra Kapashi, Arvind Pancholi

Genre: Comedy

Release Year: 2005


This is the story of a family, Amrutlal Mehta, his wife Savita, their sons Rahul and Rohit and their wives Tara and Suchita. Trivial differences of opinions, small matters build up all of a sudden into a yawning chasm that splits the family. Differences brought about by the generation gap, the differing perceptions. This play deals with the family's efforts in acknowledging the differences and to recall rebuild their happier days. Poignant, often funny, but relevant, all the time.

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