Producer: Kaushal Shah
Director: Vipul Vithlani
Writer: Imtiaz Patel
Cast: Vipul Vithlani, Parag Shah, Neha Prajapati, Druma Mehta, Abhijeet Chitre, Harsh Shah (child artist) & Nilesh Pandya

Synopsis:Two sisters - Riddhima as well as Vividha are gladly wedded to Dheeraj ( Vipul Vithlani ) as well as Anand respectively. Senior sister Riddhima is extremely possessive concerning her hubby and newborn baby. Sadly, Riddhima and Anand ( saali as well as jeeja ) meet a critical accident. Anand passes away when Riddhima slips into coma. Vividha loses her huband while Dheeraj has nobody to take care of his baby. To help out both of them overcome their unhappiness, uncle convinces them ( Jeeja-saali ) to get married each other. After 9 years, Riddhima regains her consciousness. How will she respond when she gets to know about her husband’s 2nd marriage as well as her own son calls her Aunty?

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