Abhinay Samrat Gujarati NatakAbhinay Samrat

Upendra Trivedi
Ramanbhai Parmar
Hasmukh Dave
Ramu Bhagat
Deval Patel
Daksha Dave

Director: Upendra Trivedi

Genre: Social Drama


He was a man of many faces. His true identity remained hidden. He was a different person to the people he met in many places, and cheated them out of their money. His was the talent of a genius, but his obsession with money drove him to play out this role of a scoundrel. When the long arm of the law caught up with him, in court, his true persona surfaced and he bowed his head in shame. In the court of justice even emperors have to bow before the bench. Such is the majesty of the law.

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  1. can you please take this natak of because it is so boring.intead can you you put nataks about Vipal Vithlani and Ashish butt please please i beg you.please please please im crying.