Chako Mako Gujarati PlayChako Mako

Cast :
Bimal Thakur
Bhowmik Shashtri
Bhargav Joshi

Director: Bhargav Joshi

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis :

Chakko and Makko are the two wise men of the village. But they are ridiculed for their unusual hairstyles, which are no fault of theirs. One has hair growing all over his face except the top of his head and the other has a bumper crop crowning his head, while his face is totally hairless. Tired of being the butt of the villagers’ jokes they make their separate ways to seek their fortune elsewhere. Do Chakko and Makko become accepted as wise men? What about their friendship? See this entertaining play for the answers. Amusement for the children and grown ups as well.

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