To Karo Shri Ganesh Gujarati Natak watch onlineTo Karo Shree Ganesh

Cast :
Krutika Desai
Shilpa Tulaskar
Sachin Parikh
Nilesh Pandya
Ritesh Mobh
Kunal Sheth

Directed : Tushar Joshi


To Karo Shri Ganesh is a social play revolving around motherhood. The play highlights the sorrow and sufferings of a childless woman. Vaishali have been blessed with everything, but not a child. Her younger brother-in-law Harsh dies in a road accident leaving behind his wife Sneha. Vaishali cajoles Sneha to marry her best friend Neil .On the day of the marriage; Vaishali realizes that Sneha is pregnant. Vaishali calls of the marriage inviting Sneha's wrath and hatred. Why did Vaishali stop Sneha's marriage? Will Sneha understand Vaishali's motive? Watch “To Karo Shi Ganesh” to know the real motive of Vaishali.

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