Synopsis: Builder Dhirubhai’s family includes wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters-in-law and also grandson. While inauspicious and unwanted mishaps begin happening at home, his spouse invites a Tantrik to look for treatment. All of the members of the family get stunned while the Tantrik notify all of them that one of the members of the family has did black magic and also asked all the problems. All the members of the family start out suspecting and also pointing fingers at one another as well as the blame-game starts. When ever the eldest daughter-in-law refuses to give any specific reason for a few top secret ritual she got performed, she takes punished. Is she the actual suspect?

Producer: Kaushal Shah
Director: Kaushal Shah
Writer: Imtiaz Patel
Cast: Jagesh Mukati, Nimesh Joshi, Paresh Bhatt, Khushbu Brahmbhatt, Deval Mehta, Shekhar Joshi, Krishna Shukla & Sachi Joshi

Bhalai No Jamaano Nathi Bhaila : Family Gujarati Natak 2016

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