Director: Siddharth Randeria
Cast: Siddharth Randeria, Tejal Vyas, Mukund Panchal, Lopa Shah, Aakash Zala

Synopsis: After the becoming successful of 'Gujjubhaini Golmal', listed here is a new play that is definitely guaranteed to tickle your crazy bone. Gujjubhai Banya Dabang revolves around Jagdish Pandya is continually nagged by his wife as well as son that he has not accomplished anything in everyday life to which Pandya peacefully replies that he is actually awaiting the appropriate option. In a come of destiny, a terrible gangster gets killed in Pandya's home and right now the Gujjubhai needs to take advantage of this incident to achieve fame within this entertaining satire.

Gujjubhai Banya Dabang - Superhit Comedy Gujarati Natak

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