Synopsis:Anandbhai's brother Rakesh gets wedded to Shilpa, after 5 years of his very first better half Anjana's loss of life, in a plane accident. However, Anjana returns back home on the day, when Rakesh is going to get wedded. The true drama starts while a khalifa sends a Belly Dancer as a present to Anandbhai as he had saved his life in a army battle a few years ago, but is gifted to Rakesh by mistake. Now Rakesh is within problems with 3 spouses. Alternatively, Anandbhai's sister Priti is believed to be pregnant before wedding through her boyfriend so they would like to get married in a fast marriage ceremony. So the drama goes on with lots of comedy scenes in the play.

Cast: Mehul Buch, Samir Rajda, Preeti Jain, Mallika, Pinki Jain, Sweta Jethva
Director: Vinay Lad
Producer: Avinash Kharshikar
Writer: Mulraj Rajda
Screenplay: Arvind Vaidhya

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